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Val d'Escreins

Must-see activities

Are you looking for activities for your summer vacations in an unspoilt natural setting? The Val d’Escreins offers a multitude of must-do experiences to reconnect with nature and create unique moments. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Val d’Eden!

Le Val

Vars Green Lung

The Val d’Escreins is a true paradise for nature lovers. Whether you’re a great adventurer or a budding little explorer, get ready to discover a captivating universe. From sporty hikes to peaceful strolls to a moment of relaxation, this territory is packed with activities to satisfy every desire. A real sense of immensity and the other end of the world resides in this place where every visitor will travel to this little Canada varsinc.


This land of “green” activities offers unforgettable experiences to live in contact with nature.

For young and old

Walks in the Valley

Do you know the legend of Font Sancte?

The story goes that a young shepherdess from Escreins used to lead her herd into the Font Sancte valley. To drink, she had to go back down to the torrent, but noticed that one of her goats kept going to the same spot, only to come back out again a few moments later. Intrigued, the shepherdess followed the goat and discovered “a beautiful spring of limpid water”. Thus was born the legend of Font Sancte or holy fountain, the name given to the miraculous spring, a place of pilgrimage for locals who once asked for rain when the land was too dry.

Hiking - the Oratoire and the Font Sancte spring
All levels

Orientation course

The Val d’Escreins offers 3 fun trails with different levels to discover on your own, in a group or as a family. Grab a map and compass from the welcome chalet (open from July 8) and set off in search of the wooden markers scattered around the Val. As you find each marker, punch your map into the corresponding box using the clip embedded in the wooden marker. An activity involving analysis, observation and fun!

Trail routes

Le Val en courant

The Val d’Escreins is also a land of trails, so put on a good pair of sneakers and take to the permanent trail paths suitable for all levels while discovering a site of rare beauty.

Le Val’vert / beginner level

distance: 3.937 km – D + : 121 m

Le Val’bleu / intermediate level

distance: 9.218 km – D + : 319 m

Le Val’rouge / confirmed level

distance 9.125 km – D + : 788 m

Dedicated leaflets on all the permanent trail routes in Vars and the orienteering courses are available from tourist offices and the Val welcome chalet.

The spotlight

A barbeuc'

After a good day’s walking, what could be better than a good picnic?

Locate your picnic “spot” among the 33 spaces available for this purpose. Take your time over the meal to recover from your emotions. After a good feast, you can choose between a siesta under the trees in the shade or a chat over a cup of coffee. You won’t see the afternoon go by! When it comes to the menu, it’s up to you!

The Val d’Escreins reserve is a zero waste area. It is imperative that you take all your garbage with you and drop it off at the sorting points in the Vars villages. There are information boards at every spot, and be sure to look out for any restrictions on fire bans at the entrance to the Val.

Adopt the right attitude

  • Respect the itinerary and signage of developed trails
  • Wild animals and herds need peace and quiet. Don’t make unnecessary noise
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash.
  • Don’t roll stones down the slopes, you could injure someone without realizing it.
  • Pastoral zone
  • Flowers, fruit, berries are protected. Picking forbidden.
  • Do not make fires outside the areas reserved for this purpose.
  • Traffic is forbidden to all vehicles, other than service vehicles, after the parking area
  • Bivouacs and campsites forbidden.

Opening times:

  • Chalet d’accueil Escreins

9am – 1pm / 2pm – 5pm daily from July 8 to September 2

A free shuttle serves the Val d’Escreins nature reserve

Always more

History of Val d’Escreins

Discover the heritage of this hidden natural gem!

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