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The Razis Trail

20 km / 1400 m D

Sunday, July 30


Pointe de Razis

At the start of this trail de Razis, over 200 runners set off up to the pointe de Razis. An unprecedented climb specially designed to offer runners a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks particularly the one admired every day in Vars, L’Eyssina. A sea of clouds provided the perfect backdrop to push the runners all the way to the finish.

Results-wise, the young athlete straight from Beaujolais, Matthieu Corgier, took first place with a time of 1h57’43. At ease over this distance, he started very fast. Daan De Groot, finished the race in 2nd place with a time of 2h00’29. In third place it was Yann Durand who won with a time of 2h02’04. On the women’s side, Camille Bertrume takes first place and wins in 2h29’00 followed closely byCéline Petit, 2h32’33 and Duros Delphine 2h35’11.

A victory in all humility

Straight from the Beaujolais region, the 22-year-old athlete takes first place with modesty: “this race was an integral part of my training plan, and this victory comes as a bonus”.

His first place is the result of a sustained period of training: “I train every day, I vary the sports to perform better. Weight training and cycling are also part of my preparation plan.”

A course that didn’t spare the legs as the climb was steep and demanding: “my favorite moment was the ascent to Razis and the finish at the summit with the view of the surrounding mountains. The course is pleasant and accessible to all.”

This is Matthieu’s very first time running on the Vars trails, yesterday on the demanding format of the KV-KL where he finished in 4th place and today on the Razis trail with a well-deserved first place in view of his next objective.

Youth on the podium

At just 20 years of age, Camille took first place at the Trail de Razis. Accompanied by her father, the young athlete took to the Varsican trails. A precious support that pushes her to reach the summits: “my father’s presence motivates me, we did the first part of the race together, I went ahead on the second part of the race.”

A mountain sports enthusiast, Camille likes to vary her sports according to the season, ski touring in winter and trail running in summer.

For her very first participation, Camille didn’t expect to occupy first place on a demanding course: “The Razis climb is very steep, I was close to the second woman who was very strong on the climb. I picked up my stride in the second half of the race on the descent, where I felt more comfortable.”



Start from Vars les Claux towards the Bois Noir in Peynier.

The start of the route is identical to the foulée de Peyrol: crossing the Bois Noir towards the waterfalls along the Chagnon to reach the village of Vars Sainte-Marie. The route then gets tougher, with a thrilling ascent towards the crêtes de Razis. Once you’ve reached the Col du Vallon, get ready for the descent towards the lac de Peyrol.

At the end of the route you’ll take a balcony path with a breathtaking view of l’Eyssina before the final descent towards Vars-Les-Claux.

Put on your sneakers and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

The Course


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