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Living water

and long live sport!

Whatever your age or level, dive into the heart of the surrounding rivers for invigorating, original and fun experiences just a stone’s throw from Vars!

Like a fish

on the water

Vars has the huge advantage of being located at the crossroads of 3 rivers ideal for whitewater activities: the Durance for families, the Guil and Ubaye for more sporting outings.

Rafting, canorafting, kayaking or aquarando, all in the water for new experiences.

For all tastes

For the more adventurous: take on the Guil gorges by raft. Just 30 minutes from Vars, discover one of the region’s most beautiful natural gems. Nestling on either side of magnificent cliffs, the Guil river can be explored in several sections, depending on the season and water levels. Reserved for the most intrepid and sporty, its many rapids will require you to be responsive, toned and have a good paddle! In short, a good dose of adrenalin awaits you in an extraordinary setting.

What if you tried out the “queen” of river craft: kayaking! Start by familiarizing yourself with the boat in the pond. Then learn to “read” the river, discover basic maneuvers, kayak balance and safety principles. All these learning sessions will give you the unique sensation of gliding. Courses are also available if you wish to go further. You’ll be the captain of your own boat, sailing in a setting worthy of the most beautiful kayaking videos. Another alternative to try out: accompanied double kayaking!

A wide, braided river with turquoise hues, a rainy-nival regime and fed by glaciers, the Durance is an ideal playground for discovering whitewater sports. Its course through the heart of the valleys from Guillestrois to Embrunais ensures an outing suitable for all (families, beginners, friends…) but also “postcard” views of the surrounding mountains. A special feature is the famous Rabioux wave at Chateauroux les Alpes, which promises some great sensations.

A river with a European reputation known for its many passages (Millenium, triple chute, la grille…), the Guil is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the département for white-water rafting. The Guil river is also renowned for its beauty in the heart of the gorges of the same name. Its succession of rapids makes for a challenging and sporting descent.

On the other side of the Col de Vars, you can discover the Ubaye valley and its river of the same name. Preserved, mythical and wilder than ever, it offers a variety of navigation routes to suit everyone.

A great white-water classic, it combines the beauty of a natural site with the variety of its rapids to fill you up with sensations.

Always more

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