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Welcome bikers

On the road again

Watch some of the most beautiful Alpine scenery go by as you line up the perfect curves of a tailor-made trajectory: look no further, the north side of the Col de Vars is just the route for you, but not only! Vars is the ideal starting point for all-star outings and some of the most beautiful passes of your career!

A journey


The Vars pass is 27 km long on both sides, with the north side (Guillestre-Vars) rolling along nicely: tight curves and bends on a fairly wide road, ideal for finding the ideal trajectory, the realm of the “beauty of the gesture”. Passing through villages on the way to the top of the pass, we are reminded that Vars is also a winter sports resort, as we pass by the ski lifts. The Eyssina bars set the scene for the final phase of the ascent.

The summit of the pass culminates at an altitude of 2109m, and a photo stop is in order: some will opt for the altitude sign, others will prefer to pose in front of the Eyssina point or the Crachet pass, which hint at beautiful hikes for those who are adept walkers.

Like you were there

Un été sur la Route des Grandes Alpes... - Vars
Un été sur la Route des Grandes Alpes... - Vars
Un été sur la Route des Grandes Alpes... - Vars

Adapt your equipment – in addition to the sometimes highly changeable weather conditions in the mountains, temperatures can drop rapidly as you gain altitude. We don’t skimp on equipment: jacket, pants, gloves adapted to motorcycling…

Driving becomes piloting: a pleasure that every motorcyclist seeks: linking curves, taking angles, acceleration/deceleration, exiting corners… – we’re not talking about speeding, there are circuits for that, but having fun requires a dose of caution and anticipation – gravel, oil patches, other road users – you have to leave some under the wheels to be able to react in time.

Keep to the right.

Be on the lookout for visitors such as cows, horses, deer and marmots (the latter are very fond of the upper part of the Col de Vars).

As we all know, there’s never a dull moment on a motorcycle, and there’s always something to check to ensure safe riding, and reflexes to take to make the most of the beautiful curves in the mountains.

We change planets with the lunar landscapes with the Col d’Izoard and its famous Casse déserte.

What about thea cime de la Bonette which is none other than the highest road pass in Europe! The last loop is an express route to the sky, so vertiginous that the impression of flying with your mount makes you shiver with happiness and thrills.

Other than the major road passes, the roads near Vars offer a variety of virolos in a dream setting, and for the more adventurous and curious, the opportunity to discover local produce that will certainly find a place in the panniers!

Neighboring Italy offers some great road trips and … culinary!

Le tour du lac de Serre-Ponçon is a fantastic playground for discovery, with palettes of blue, green and the scents of nature that make for very rural rides on asphalt prompt to all the pleasures of riders.

Bringing pleasure to pleasure, that’s the promise for all bikers staying at Vars!

Lacking inspiration? A road book is available from the Tourist Office

Always more

At the discovery of the heritage

A little break in our mountain villages will invite you to discover an authentic heritage!

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