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MTB Team Up

July 06 & 07, 2024

MTB Team Up stops off in Vars on July 6 and 7, 2024 for an unbridled enduro! Over 400 riders will gather at the Vars Bike Park to kick off the summer season.

Ride & Fun

Casual enduro

The MTB Team Up returns to Vars for its 7th edition on 06 & 07 July 2024 for an enduro of 5 special stages, 30km of pure pleasure but also effort with 800m D+ pedaling and 2600m D-.


Two formats available to riders

The classic enduro and the endurando to enjoy the trails without the pressure of the stopwatch. Participants in the Endurando format will start a few minutes after the timed riders on each of the special stages.


Edition 2023

The third stage of the Trophée Enduro des Alpes got underway in the heart of the Vars Bike Park, under glorious sunshine. With its two race formats, classic enduro and endurando (MTB and VTTAE), to enjoy the trails without the pressure of the stopwatch, the MTB team Up groups together 7 events, Vars being the third stage of the season. The program included two days of pure mountain biking, with beautiful trails in a variety of formats and magnificent viewpoints. The riders outdid themselves with a total of 26.4 km of routes, 730m of D+ and 2540m of D-.The (non-timed) connections between each race start were made easier by the ski lifts.

Today’s top riders!

Driver Clément Charles takes first place, completing the routes in under 30 minutes (29:55.9), closely followed by his two main rivals: Quentin Arnaud (30:28.5) and Quentin Denier (30:42.5). On the women’s side, Lena Arnd claimed overall victory, finishing in 35:44.2 ahead of Emilie Maison (38:17.4) and Lucile Poulin (38:46.8).



Clément CHARLES and Quentin ARNAUD

In the men’s category, the 2 friends and acolytes Clément CHARLES and Quentin ARNAUD didn’t come to Vars for nothing at the MTB Team Up 2023. Claiming both the top 2 places on the scratch podium and, by extension, the top of the table in the pairs rankings, these 2 competition regulars took great pleasure in riding natural, complete and technical trails in a setting they particularly appreciated.

Clément Charles, overall winner, has just returned to competition after a serious arm injury at the start of the year. Originally from Brittany, now based in Perpignan, he has been riding competitively for the past 7 years, completing a series of World Cup stages in the Elite category. A downhill racer in his early days, he now rides Enduro formats and has chosen Vars and the MTB Team Up as the one and only stage of the Trophée Enduro des Alpes 2023. For his part, Quentin Arnaud is taking part in the event in Vars for the 3rd time. With 14 years of competition experience under his belt, he too is touring the World Cup stages in the Open category. The 2 friends, roommates and lifelong riding buddies, have now formed the winning duo of this 6th edition of the Vars MTB Team Up.

The German

At the controls

Having travelled from Germany with friends, the teacher chose France, and more specifically the Vars stage, to quench her thirst for Enduro: a winning bet, since Lena Arnd today won the competition ahead of last year’s winner, Emilie MAISON. Her first participation in the event was an opportunity for her to discover the region, and more specifically the resort of Vars and its Enduro itineraries. A competitor for the past 8 years, she is looking forward to coming back next year, delighted with the courses on offer, the organization, the perfect weather and the scenery: the perfect cocktail in her opinion.



The 400 mountain bikers rode demanding courses requiring excellent technical skills for the downhill sections and good physical fitness for the restarts and uphill sections. Against this magnificent varsinc backdrop, the riders rode one course after the other, with rolling sections punctuated by numerous bends requiring excellent reading of the terrain.

All in all, the riders were highly motivated to come back and enjoy this fun and sporty playground, easily accessible by ski lift.


The experts’ opinion

We take a look at the various special stages on offer at the 2023 MTB Team Up with the winners.

SP1Mystik Valley

“Perfect for a warm-up, this 1st stage wasn’t the steepest, but it did require good technical skills and physical condition. Very natural, it set the tone for the day.

SP2New track

“Very short but also highly technical, this 2nd special stage was made up of many small bends that had to be mastered to avoid making any mistakes. The experience of riding played in favor of the best, and we had to keep the right trajectory and the right rhythm. I can’t wait to see it again next year on the permanent route.

SP3On the rocks and Elixir

“What a pleasure to have been offered a long special stage format! This 3rd itinerary, a mix of 2 permanent routes, clearly made the difference in terms of rankings: every mistake could be costly in the end. It was a 100% enduro special and, in our opinion, the most complete of the 5.”

SP4In the sky

“We had to stay focused after the previous special stage. The terrain of this SP4 remained difficult, physical, but also playful, super fun to ride with an interesting rhythm imposed by the different terrain movements.”


“A final 100% DH special to end the day on a high note! Offering this Bike Park-style track format to close the day was a great idea!”



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